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Anti-Virus and Web Filtering

It's all about protecting your business

Technology and Beyond’s Anti-Virus and Web Filtering is all about protecting your business from nuisance, security breaches and disruption.

Protect your business from scams, phishing and viruses

The general idea behind a phishing attack is to entice a victim into clicking a link, much like a fisherman attempts to catch a fish with a lure on a hook. Once a victim falls for this and clicks a link in a phishing email, they may be directed to a seemingly legitimate website where they are prompted for information or to download malicious software.

Keep your attention on your business while we protect it

With the Technology and Beyond Anti-Virus and Web Content filtering, add the peace of mind and control knowing your users will be protected from most attacks.

Phishing is the attempt to trick a victim into providing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card and banking information or other private data through the use of a realistic-looking email that appears to come from a legitimate website or business.

While the majority of phishing attacks are not personalized and are sent to as many potential victims as possible, targeted phishing also occurs. Targeted phishing uses known information about a recipient to better convince them into providing credentials. A well-crafted targeted phishing attack can defeat even the best security controls if an attacker is able to collect highly-privileged login credentials.

Anti-Virus is a critical element of protection

  • Not all Anti-virus solutions are the same. We have done extensive research to make sure you have the most intuitive and real-time protection available in today’s technology space.
  • Instant scalability. Regardless of systems in your network, we can scale to protect them all quickly, easily and effectively.
  • User Protection. Our solutions prevent unauthorized users from disabling or making changes to their protection and security software.
  • Low System Utilization. Our cutting edge protection has a small footprint on the protected systems, yet provides complete real-time protection from Viruses and Malware.

Web and Content Filtering

  • Cut off the risk at the source. By installing our agent on each system or network head, you reduce the potential that a user will be maliciously redirected to a bad site.
  • Content Filtering. Not all content on the Internet is suitable for viewing or use at a business. Define acceptable levels of browsing security to eliminate accidental or intentional misuse of the Internet in the workplace.
  • Customizable User Levels. Define with us the necessary security levels and access rights different types of users may need to do their job effectively.
  • Streaming and Download Protection. Define acceptable use criteria to block or prevent streaming music, video and other social media from the workplace. Protect from harmful downloads and the potential of an unaware user from downloading malicious content or damaging viruses.
  • Category Filtering. Define categories to allow your users to safely and effectively use the internet. Block Pornography, Hate & Aggression, Social Sites, Shopping, and more with the click of a button.

Stay Protected

We can help you keep your resources and people protected with proper security solutions. Call us at (469) 251-5630 or email