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Protect your data

Technology and Beyond's InfoGuard protects critical data and provides a highly secure and encrypted offsite data archive.

Is your current data safe?

It’s easy to think that your data is safe because you’re using an external hard drive, thumb drive or tape backup. But these solutions are all manual and only work if someone remembers to consistently back up the data. They’re also not 100% reliable and have been known to fail.

Does you have a regular backup system?

And even if businesses consistently back up their information locally, it can still be vulnerable if it’s not stored offsite.

A Worry-Free Backup Experience

Our Worry-Free InfoGuard Backup experience provides safe, secure, reliable and easy to access offsite backups.

How Secure is it?

All data is encrypted before it leaves a customer’s system using time-tested technologies like Blowfish and Triple DES encryption. In addition, 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology provides an additional level of security during the data transmission process. To further protect our customer’s data, encryption keys are never stored with customer data. InfoGuard never receives or stores unencrypted files.

Hardened Facilities

The data centers are designed to maximize efficiency and reliability. Our RAID 6 arrays that store customer data are housed in climate-controlled data centers with fully redundant power distribution unit (PDU) diversity, independent AC systems, battery backup, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and on-site generators with guaranteed fuel contracts. Security staff has direct view of all exits, preventing physical theft of equipment or media.

  • The data centers are guarded 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Personnel access to the datacenters is controlled by a combination of biometric scanners and electronic key cards.
  • Security staff has direct view of all exits, preventing physical theft of equipment or media. All activity is monitored through closed-circuit television (CCTV).
  • This hardened infrastructure protects our customers from disruption caused by external factors such as power loss, weather events, or unauthorized access.

Specialized Software and Systems for Accurate Viable Backups

The proprietary file system provides additional protection for storing and retrieving customer data. This advanced technology provides tools that enable automated monitoring of every storage server to ensure your data is captured and stored without corruption.

  • Highly specialized features identify disk defects at the physical block level so that data isn’t written to bad sectors on a disk.
  • The InfoGuard system software performs checks of every single stored file to ensure its integrity.

Dont lose your data

The most critical part of your business is the data. Don’t risk losing it by errors, unknown backup solutions or physical media that can fail. Call us at (469) 251-5630 or email