Technology and Beyond

Networking & Wireless

The proper network and wireless infrastructure will make all the difference in an effective and efficient network topology.

Is your current network secure?

Network Security is the most important step in protecting you intellectual property and critical data.

Does your business have multiple locations or do you need mobility in your infrastructure?

Giving businesses the flexibility and reliable security to conduct business when and where needed are key planning points in our network topology designs.

A Worry-Free Network

Your network regardless if wired or wireless should be solid and stable at all times. We provide reliability and consistency in our network planning and deployments.

Secure Guest Access

With our Enterprise level wireless systems, you can provide guest wireless Internet access without compromising your internal network security.

Networking and Wireless Build Outs

Regardless of the size of your business, or the footprint of the network, Technology and Beyond will build and support your infrastructure. LAN/WAN and wireless connectivity are key to successfully communicating and collaborating in today’s business environments. Do not let location restrict your business operations, Network Infrastructure solutions today are faster and more cost effective than ever before.


The ability of a business to connect when and where needed is key to any properly designed LAN/WAN solution.

  • Create Secure VPN Connections to any WAN (Wide Area Network) resource
  • Virtual VPN connectivity for the mobile workforce make for reliable and secure communications with your mobile workstations and devices.
  • Gigabit LAN (Local Area Network) speeds and higher speed Internet connectivity to resources and networks.
  • Reliable and Secure Wireless connectivity allows the freedom and flexibility to use your technology where you want it.

Improve Your Network

Technology and Beyond’s networking and wireless infrastructure planning and deployments are enterprise quality and deployed with cutting edge security. Call us at (469) 251-5630 or email