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ShareSync From Technology and Beyond

A business-grade file sync and share service that meets the needs of both users and administrators.

ShareSync file sync and share service enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while helping to keep company data secure and protected. ShareSync keeps files and folders in sync across virtually every device—and helps make it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company.

ShareSync can help employees become more collaborative and more mobile. Business owners and managers will like ShareSync because the comprehensive security features, permissions-based sharing and 99.999% uptime mean there’s no sacrifice in control, security or reliability.

Sync files and folders across every device

  • Syncing happens automatically the moment a file modification occurs
  • Offline work on PCs is synced the moment a user comes back online
  • ShareSync apps available for Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
  • Content also accessible through web browsers

Easily integrate ShareSync with your current IT environment

  • Leverage your Active Directory settings for password authentication and to also share directly from your corporate directory
  • Share directly from within Outlook and Office through easy-to-enable Windows plugins
  • ShareSync integrates with the desktop for Windows, Finder for Mac, and mobile operating systems

Share with recipients both inside and outside the company

  • Intuitive sharing interface is integrated with your corporate address book
  • Users can set sharing permissions (Co-Owner, Modify, View) and change them at any time
  • Sub-folders can be shared with different permissions than parent folders
  • Quick group sharing with Exchange Distribution Lists
  • Files can be shared via web-link to recipients, even if they don’t have ShareSync installed
  • Share directly from Outlook and Office with easy-to-enable Windows plugins

Keep content secure and protected

  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit
  • An account-specific unique security key provides additional data protection
  • Sharing permissions and access are strictly controlled and easily amended at any time
  • ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped
  • An Audit Log keeps track of all the ShareSync activity on your account
  • Reliability is assured with a 99.999% service level agreement

See how ShareSync compares to other collaboration solutions

Type of Service Example Why ShareSync Wins
Free Collaboration Services Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt ShareSync offers greater security, control, and integration.
Traditional sharing tools Email and attachments, file servers, FTP servers, SharePoint ShareSync is easy to use for employees and share recipients and offers more efficient sharing and collaboration.
Collaboration services available through other Cloud Suites Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive; Google Apps and Google Drive ShareSync offers a high degree of security, control, and integration, plus a 99.999% uptime SLA.

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